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After this, while the people look on, let him give him the book from which he is to read, saying to him: Receive this and be the spokesman ( relator ) of the word of God and you shall have, if you do your work faithfully and usefully, a part with those who have administered the word of God " ( Denzinger, op. The lector is still mentioned twice in the Roman Missal.

In the rubrics at the beginning it is said that if Mass be sung without deacon and subdeacon a lector wearing a surplice may sing the Epistle in the usual place; but at the end he does not kiss the celebrant's hand (Ritus celebr. On Good Friday the morning service begins with a prophecy read by a lector at the place where the Epistle is usually read (first rubric on Good Friday ).

Everywhere the order of reader has become merely a stepping-stone to major orders, and a memory of early days.

In the Roman Rite in is the second minor order ( Ostiarius, Lector, Exorcista, Acolythus ).

Such are the verses; "Deus Deus meus ad te de luce vigilo"; "Deus misereatur nostri. .illuminet vultum suum super nos"; "mane astabo tibi et videbo"; "Emitte lucem tuum et veritatem tuam"; "Exitus matutinum et vespere delectabis"; "Mane sicut herba transeat, mane floreat et transeat"; "Ad annuntiandum mane misericordiam tuam", etc. In the ancient authors, however, from the fourth to the sixth or seventh century, the names Matutinum, Laudes matutinae , or Matutini hymni , are used to designate the office of daybreak or dawn, the Office of Matins retaining its name of Vigils. At an earlier period than that of the fifth and fourth centuries, we find various descriptions of the Morning Office in Cassian, in Melania the Younger, in the "Peregrinatio Ætheriae", St. Nowhere better than at Jerusalem, in the "Peregrinatio Ætheriae", does this office, celebrated at the very tomb of Christ, preserve its local colour.The reason of this confusion of names is, perhaps, that originally Matins and Lauds formed but a single office, the Night Office terminating only at dawn. The author calls it hymni matutinales ; it is considered the principal office of the day. "De Virginitate", xx, in P G., XXVIII, 275.) Lastly, we again find the first traces of Lauds in the third, and even in the second, century in the Canons of Hippolytus, in St. It is easy to conclude from the preceding what were the motives which gave rise to this office, and what its signification is.cxlviii-cl), are recited every day without exception. Any unauthorized use, without prior written consent of Catholic Online is strictly forbidden and prohibited.As we have remarked, it is from these last that this office derives its name.

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The minor orders are conferred during Mass after the first Lesson; but they may be given apart from Mass, on Sundays or doubles, in the morning.

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