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Their love story was outlined in a recent Women’s Health piece called “How We Went From Best Friends to Girlfriends.”It’s been “about a year” since Taylor Strecker and Taylor Donohue consciously coupled.And while the coming out process was “difficult,” Taylor said the families have joined forces.“I get it now,” Strecker said of their sexual chemistry.The brunette has been embarking on an inspiring fitness journey, documenting her progress on social media.

"I call it label-less love.”Follow NBC OUT on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.Unfortunately for the shock jock, he lost the battle AND the war as his appeal was also shot down!Although Sirius XM Radio came out on top of this suit, we have to wonder how smart of a move this is for them.And it's not like he doesn't have anything else lined up!Howard already has another gig as a judge on the and has been a big hit on TV.

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Back in 2011, Howard filed a lawsuit against the satellite station, claiming the company never gave him the bonuses he was promised for the boost in subscriptions after the Sirius and XM radio merger.