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After realizing that a relationship between them wouldn't work, Moesha and Channing both decide to just remain friends.Sara joins Julliard in New York to fulfill her and her mother's dream of becoming the Prima ballerina of the school.Countess eventually got her own spin-off show called The Parkers, which proved to be a hit.That ended in 2004 and she hasn’t had a huge amount of acting work, but has found success in reality TV.Brandy (Moesha) Brandy was something of a singing session when the show started, with hits like The Boy Is Mine and I Wanna Be Down.She’s now a 36-year-old mother-of-one, but judging from this picture, she’s barely aged since playing Moesha.She gets transferred to a new school where she is one of the few White students there.She becomes friends with Chenille, and later, falls in love with Chenille's brother, Derek.

Moesha turns 18 and the gang decides to throw her a surprise birthday party but Kim spoils it by telling her.She befriends her roommates, Zoe and Miles, who teach hip-hop classes. See full summary » A group of 12 teenagers from various backgrounds enroll at the American Ballet Academy in New York to make it as ballet dancers and each one deals with the problems and stress of training and getting ahead in the world of dance.Sara wants to be a ballerina, but her dreams are cut short by the sudden death of her mother.The show was cancelled in 2001, leaving fans particularly annoyed as the last episode ended on a cliff hanger and we never found out what happened to Mo’s brother Myles (who was kidnapped at the end). A pregnancy test was found in her room, but it was unclear who it belonged to.Now 14 years after the show ended, we see how the cast have changed (or haven’t changed in most cases).

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It centred on the exploits of South Central based teenager Mo (played by singer Brandy Norwood) and her family and friends, and was pretty funny.

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