Description of online property updating

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Finally, note that properties bring their best when combined with plugin preconfigurations.The prefix to use when retrieving environment variables. tag is used to consolidate several configuration files into a single configuration.This also holds for properties loaded from a property file, or from the environment.

All child elements must meet the following criteria: Updates replaceable text in a pattern file each time the Project status changes. The following items will be replaced with their values each time they occur in the source file: to define a set of projects that will not build simultaneously in a multithreaded build environment.

You may not, however, set a property more than once within the same scope.

If you do so, only the last assignment will be used.

Each time the If you are planning to run Cruisecontrol as a headless scheduled task, you may encounter an error stating "Cannot open logfile 'C:\ccm_ui.log'" in the log file.

This issue can be worked around by setting the following system environment variables: Provides the means to execute another publisher (or set of publishers).

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